Cool Videos from Mike Wesch..

•June 7, 2008 • 1 Comment

Every now and then you come some videos that either teach you something new, or stimulate your thinking and get you to reflect on the where we are with technology today. These are some of my favourites from Mike Wesch..

The Machine Is Us


A Vision of Students Today


Essential digital literacy skills?

•June 2, 2008 • Leave a Comment

Preparing for a talk for a OFCOM Media Literacy Network/Aberystwyth University event on Wed the 4th of June, 08 on Digital Literacy in a Web 2.0 World.

I was considering the digital (Internet, mobile phone, pda, etc, etc) literacy skills and knowledge that I take for granted, to get the most out of digital technology today: 

  • Being proficient in my Internet use.
  • Being up to date on new Internet and related technology developments.
  • Understanding how the Internet works.
  • Being able to create and share content online.
  • Being able to network and communicate online using the most appropriate technology.
  • Being able to access learning material and e-learning resources online.
  • Being able to save money with digital technologies.
  • Being able to assess the reliability of information online.
  • Being able to look after my personal safety in all my online/digital interactions.
  • Being able to make an informed judgement on what should be public/ what should be private.
  • Being able to look after my digital identities.
  • Being knowledgeable of various Internet services and applications so that I can get the most out of these for the things that I am interested in.
  • Being responsible with online or digital media.
  • Knowing where to go to report abuse.
  • Undersanding laws online.
  • Manging my security and privacy settings on my computer, mobile phone etc.
  • Understanding the links between online/mobile phones, gadgets, game consoles etc.
  • Understanding how grooming happens.
  • Practicing good Net Etiquette.

Please feel free to add your ideas….